A No-Kill Shelter Nation, Fairytale or Reality?

Heading towards Reality, I think. At least in my country, the Netherlands. Let me tell you a little bit about how it works over here. It’s mainly about cats. I’d like to add that I’ve written this with the information I received from the Animal Protection alliance and info from shelter workers. This is what *I* know & think, it’s not an official statement. Please respond if your opinion differs!

The main animal protection authority is called Dierenbescherming (just means animals’ protection) and most of the official shelters (about 53) carry their trademark. That means they have a very strict policy towards euthanasia: it’s only allowed when an animal is suffering so bad from medical conditions that there’s no quality of life anymore. Just like you would do for your own pet, as the very last and ultimate option.
These shelters put lots of effort and money in keeping the animals healthy and happy.

These shelters, and also the shelters that don’t have the trademark (often has to do with lack of money to build better facilities, not because those are bad shelters), are connected to local authorities. There’s a budget in every town (sometimes high, sometimes lower) to provide for a certain amount of shelter animals. When the shelters are overcrowded (unwanted kittens, animals dumped when people go on vacation), they try to find another shelter that can take those. And often they take in more animals than they should, temporarily. Which makes the chance of diseases spreading worse, I must say.

Although there is a budget, it’s not sufficient. Shelters and Dierenbescherming depend on donations. Lots of donations, because the funds the local authorities have to give are only enough to supply a 2-week stay per animal. Some authorities stick to that minimum, others do lots more. Really varies.

Another way to get funds is the money people both have to pay when they have their animals placed in a shelter and when they want to adopt. Adult animals that get adopted are all neutered, kittens come with a voucher to have them neutered at 6 months. It’s still a discussion in this country what the earliest age is to spay or neuter. Might change to a lower age, that’s a much better guarantee to prevent unwanted pregnancies – in my humble opinion.
When I adopted my Munchkin from a shelter, he came with a voucher. The voucher wasn’t accepted at my local vet, so plenty of room to improve that system!

Still there are too many homeless animals in the Netherlands, just as in other countries. One of the initiatives that tries to help, is the Trap, Neuter, Release programme. Mostly done by private persons and activists and there isn’t much funding available. These cats stay feral and not in the best conditions (sometimes people are asked to have one of those placed in their area, so they can feed them and take an eye on health issues), but at least the population won’t grow as fast anymore.

Just like in the USA, there are foster homes (also private persons) that take care of the very young kittens, to bottle feed them and to get them used to people. The same families also take care of litters including the mother cat, to socialize both kittens and moms.

Last but not least: there are several shelters for cats that are left over in shelters. Old cats, cats with behavior problems, with handicaps, with chronic diseases or other challenges. They’re taken care of very well and of course this type of shelter is strictly no-kill as well.
“My” cause/charity is a shelter like that. My next blog entry will be about it.

Conclusion? The shelters over here do have a no-kill policy, it’s the standard. But our country isn’t Paradise for cats. There might be more problems in the future and yes, we’re worried about that.
At least, now you know a little bit more about shelter policies in this tiny corner of the world.




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A4A Inspires!

After visiting an A4A bnr, Tylerja was inspired to paint this beautiful aceo.



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Charities that A4A Teams Members Support





Calliope Rescue: members.petfinder.org/~MA407/index.htm

Suzie’s Zoo Sanctuary for FELV Kitties

Mt. Olive TNR Project: mtolivetnr.myresq.org/

ArtistsForAnimals Team Donation Item – Midwest Akita Rescue Society: www.akitas.org/









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Happy Ending :)

I had the pleasure of watching Phyllis, George, Gertrude and Peter ( Dashshund/pit mix) grow up over the past 4 weeks. They were being fostered by a new neighbor for UPPAWS. I am happy to report that all 4 have found homes:D



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ArtistForAnimals Team



About this team

We as a team come together to raise funds for animal causes of our choice. We may either have our own animal rescue/shelter or we may simply elect to donate a percentage of our profits to animal-based charities.

Who can join?

Any Etsy sellers devoted to donate a percentage of their sales to an animal cause of their choice.
Must have an active Etsy store with a full page of inventory.
Must make an-animal themed treasury once a month featuring at least two team members.

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Featured Artist: R.Lynn Photography

A portion of my sales will go to animals in need.

On facebook? Be a fan! http://www.facebook.com/rlynnphotography

I am also a proud member of Artists for Animals here on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/teams/8090/artists-for-animals

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Featured Artist: Valentine Fiber Arts

♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ Welcome to Valentine Fiber Arts I am a member of the Artists for Animals team and I provide shelter and help for animals, also support The Cresent Pet Lodge Shelter, provided by a local vet, thru occassional donations from proceeds from my shop.


To see more of what this amazing shop has to offer, visit



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